There’s a lot going on in Sheffield over the next week. The Festival Of The Mind is a collaboration between the University of Sheffield and Sheffield City Council to celebrate and promote culture, creativity and innovation in Sheffield.

Of particular interest to us is a series of language related events under the name of The World in our City: Languages Live! These include workshops, talks, poetry and storytelling. All of which aim to promote the varied linguistic culture of Sheffield, as well as the benefits of language learning.

More information on Languages Live! can be found here

The full programme of Languages Live! events (in pdf format) can be downloaded here

So if you’re interested in languages, go along and get involved!

This project is led by Terry Lamb, Professor of Languages and Teaching at the University of Sheffield and Dr Mike Reynolds, trustee of Languages Sheffield, a charity that promotes lifelong language learning, and also provides links between the many different language resources throughout the city.

Languages Sheffield are also involved in events throughout the year – see their website for further information here



Whether you’re searching for serenity on Mount Fuji or navigating the bustling streets of Tokyo, speaking a few words of Japanese will help you get along!

As a written language, Japanese can be intimidating. But spoken Japanese can often have an appealing simplicity. Most English speakers should find that pronunciation of Japanese words is not too difficult and your efforts will be much appreciated.

So have a go, there really is nowhere else quite like Japan.

OOOZU Japanese language cards are available from amazon.co.uk HERE.

7821 Km To Tokyo Photo
© Bidermann | Dreamstime.com7821 Km To Tokyo Photo



[quote style=”boxed”]They say the simple ideas are usually the best … and I think these Ooozu language cards fit the bill![/quote]

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